Pi is Fly!

Pi (𝛑) is one of the most studied and talked about numbers in mathematics and is celebrated on National Pi Day every March 14th. This particular date was chosen because the first three digits of pi are 3, 1, and 4.

What's pretty amazing is that no matter the size of a circle, its diameter will ALWAYS go around the circle's circumference 3.14 times -- pi!

"Diameter goes around every circle

Three times...and a little more

No matter how big or small the circle is

Pi is always 3.14" 

Verse from Muzology's music video, "Pi is Fly"

We like to think of pi as a ROCKSTAR number in mathematics, and we had to write a song about it.

Enjoy "Pi is Fly" and share it with your friends!  

FUN FACT: The first few notes of this song are the third, first, and fourth notes (3-1-4) of the C major scale.

Pi Is Fly

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