Muzology makes math easy to learn & fun!

Muzology is transforming the learning journey for students across the country by using music videos to teach foundational math topics... Anytime, Anywhere!

An award-winning platform that uses instructional music videos to make math a #1 hit

Did you ever notice that students struggle with learning yet know the words to their favorite songs? Music lights up the brain! So, we assembled a rock star team of hit songwriters, cognitive psychologists and curriculum experts. The result is an award-winning digital learning platform that uses music videos to help students excel at math.

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Who Should Use Muzology?

Muzology makes math fun and relatable for students at any level of math proficiency. Specializing in pre-algebra, Muzology is used by students in grades 5-8 to get algebra-ready and by students in grades 8-10 for learning recovery and as a math refresher.

Muzology helps students: 

  • Excel with current math curriculum
  • Rapidly fill in proficiency gaps
  • Review previously learned material 
  • Accelerate learning to get ahead

How Muzology Works

Muzology's music videos activate brain regions critical for successful learning and increase student engagement, attention and retention. 

Muzology works using a proven 3-Step Method:

  • Answer warm-up questions to unlock music videos and get a sense of the material each video covers 
  • Watch engaging music videos that make challenging math topics clear and simple 
  • Take math quizzes to make learning a game and level up to more advanced questions

Plus, custom Muzology playlists and analytics guide student learning and progress.


Start using Muzology with your students today!


Start using Muzology with your child today!

Muzology Increases Learning and Engagement

Muzology is a major innovation in math education. Within weeks of using Muzology, students report increased math performance and greater self-confidence. Teachers say that Muzology turns students into math fans!

Most frequently occurring test score before and after watching a Muzology video

graph image


The majority of students who failed in-platform Pre-Tests subsequently scored a perfect 100% on Post-Tests, after only two Muzology sessions.


During summer school, 99% of students improved their math scores after using Muzology for 4 weeks. Plus, 87% of students improved their baseline score by 50 points or more.


Students who used Muzology during the pandemic increased their learning growth by 2+ years (while the majority of their peers fell behind).


Muzology is One of A Kind :)

“I’ve seen more engagement from more kids than with anything else I’ve used.” Watch the video and see why!

Backed by Neuroscience

The Science Behind the Songs

Music stimulates brain regions that control attention, motivation, memory and emotion. These activities are critical for sustained and successful learning. Muzology harnesses the learning power of music through scientifically crafted instructional music videos. In one study, 99% of students improved their math scores after engaging with Muzology for only 4 weeks!

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Muzology Teaches Math in Minutes. Here’s How!

Learn to Standards

Muzology’s multi-sensory music videos are mapped to standards to support seamless integration with other instructional material and math curricula.

Learn Anywhere

In class or at the kitchen table, Muzology can be accessed on any internet connected device to support learning anytime, anywhere.

Learn Quickly

Within minutes, Muzology's music videos teach weeks of content and present a clear, sequential path to support self-paced and self-directed learning.


Start using Muzology with your students today!


Start using Muzology with your child today!

Hear from Dr. Lana Israel, one of the PhDs behind Muzology

Here's Why We Started Muzology

Lana Israel