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Developed by PhDs and hit songwriters, Muzology is an award-winning learning platform that uses music videos to make learning math a breeze.

Developed by Harvard and Oxford PhDs and backed by science

Does your child struggle with learning math but knows all the words to songs? Music activates brain regions critical for successful learning. Muzology’s team of cognitive psychologists, math specialists and hit songwriters, created an innovation in math learninga series of instructional music videos designed to help your child excel at math. 

  • 99% of students improved their math scores after using Muzology for 4 weeks
  • Teachers report that struggling students who use Muzology improve by 2-3 grade levels 
  • Students who fail in-platform Pre-Tests, score 100% after two Muzology sessions

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Math is about to be a #1 Hit

Designed for students in grades 5-8, Muzology’s algebra-readiness program covers 2-3 years of curriculum complete with 25 fun music videos and 100 quizzes. Within the first 4 weeks, students typically notice significant improvement in their math skills, test scores and overall confidence. From homework to tests, your child’s enthusiasm for math will be music to your ears. 

Muzology Teaches Math in Minutes. Here’s How!

Playlists with Purpose

Muzology presents key algebraic topics in catchy tunes written by top songwriters. Customizable math playlists aligned with your child’s current level instill the confidence your child needs to succeed and learn at their own pace.

Makes Math Fun

Muzology turns math into a game with three quiz levels corresponding to each math music video. As your child levels up, they will have an opportunity to engage with 1,000+ questions that measure understanding and learning progress.

Teaches Math in Minutes

Muzology’s pre-algebra series can be used to reinforce learning, catch up on past material and help your child get ahead. Your child will learn math in minutes by singing and dancing along to their new favorite math tunes!

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Kids Love Muzology. Teachers Approve.

You won’t find these videos on YouTube. Muzology's math music videos are in a class of their own.

Backed by Neuroscience

The Science Behind the Songs

Music stimulates brain regions that control attention, motivation, memory and emotion. These activities are critical for sustained and successful learning. Muzology harnesses the learning power of music through scientifically crafted instructional music videos. In one study, 99% of students improved their math scores after engaging with Muzology for only 4 weeks!

“Muzology made math fun!”

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Make math time, a no more tears time!

Hear from Dr. Lana Israel, one of the PhDs behind Muzology

Here's Why We Started Muzology

Lana Israel