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Developed by math specialists, cognitive psychologists and hit songwriters, Muzology is an award-winning learning platform that uses music videos to make learning math fun, engaging and effective.

Designed with You and Your Students in Mind

The Muzology platform is easy to implement and supports students of various background and abilities.

Muzology can be used across grades levels.
Muzology is used by students in grades 5-8 to get algebra-ready, and by students in grades 8-10 for learning recovery.

Muzology works for students at any level of math proficiency.
Effective for Tier 1, 2 and 3 instruction, SPED, rapid remediation, refreshers and students with IEPs. Muzology supports learners of various learning styles and abilities. 

Muzology is an inclusive learning experience.
Includes written lyrics and read-aloud options to support ELL students and UDL compliance. Videos feature artists who promote diversity and inclusion.

Muzology is Mapped to Standards and SEL Aligned

Muzology's instructional math music videos are developed based on rigorous math standards and supplement most math curricula. Plus, the Muzology learning system is SEL aligned as students experience breakthroughs in self-confidence, pride, self-efficacy, grit/perseverance and collaboration.

Videos cover math standards including:   

  • Math Vocabulary
  • The Number System
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Fractions and more...

Educator Resources to Support You

At Muzology, educators are our Rockstars. The following resources are included with your Muzology subscription to support you every step of the way. 

  • Personal Muzology VIP Tour featuring key platform components, best practices and implementation tips
  • On demand video tutorials designed to help you use Muzology like a pro
  • Teacher demonstrations of actual Muzology implementation with students
  • Access to your own dedicated Muzology specialist to support you throughout the school year
  • Web-based Muzology seminar on the science behind music-based learning (qualifies for continuing education certificate)
  • In-person or web-based professional development (additional cost)

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Muzology Teaches Math in Minutes. Here’s How!

Teach Math with Music Videos

Muzology increases engagement, motivation and understanding of math. Created by math specialists and learning experts, Muzology presents challenging math topics—mapped to standards—in a clear, relevant, memorable and engaging manner.

Track Learning with Challenges

Muzology is gamified! There are three Challenge Levels (basic, proficient and advanced) for each math music video. These in-platform formative assessments get progressively more challenging as students level up. Dashboards allow you to track student progress and growth.

Differentiate Instruction with Playlists

Guide and differentiate student learning by assigning custom Muzology playlists. This keeps students in sync with your curriculum and pacing, focused on areas for improvement, and able to learn in a self-paced manner. Playlists are great for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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Her Principal Wants Muzology in Every Class. Find out Why.

"I used Muzology anytime there was downtime or if [students] were done with an assignment early....My scores went up by a whole number on the TNReady test. This is my sixth year, and that improvement, that dramatically has never been made.“ - Middle school math teacher

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Hear from Dr. Lana Israel, one of the PhDs behind Muzology

Here's Why We Started Muzology

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