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Experience math success using our catchy songs on key math topics. Plus, Muzology's music videos cover weeks of math content in just students can spend less time studying and get better grades.

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Our 'intelligent system' generates math playlists perfectly suited for your child. Plus, our math experts have created thousands of practice questions that provide instant feedback and prepare your child for math testing with confidence.

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Muzology is aligned with state & national math Standards for grades 4-8. So you can rest assured that our math lessons support critical benchmarks and seamlessly integrate with your child's curriculum.

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It's one of the best resources that I've got, and I've been teaching for 30 years.
Shirley F, Math Dept. Chair
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I've seen a higher level of engagement from more kids than with anything else I've used.
Kim S, Math Dean
(Knoxville, TN)
I've always thought of math as a really boring subject. It's made math fun!
6h grader (Tampa, FL)
Muzology is a lifesaver! It took the stress out of math and made it fun and easy for my child. I highly recommend this program to anyone whose child is learning math.
Susie L, Parent and psychologist
(Miami, FL)