Here’s some info about Base 10 to guide your lyric writing!

The Big Take-Away:

We like the number 10 when it comes to counting and doing arithmetic. We think 10 is a “handy” number to use…literally!

Some Facts to Explain:

  • We like the number 10 very much when it comes to counting and doing arithmetic. This is likely because we think it is natural to count with our fingers, and we happen to have ten fingers. 
  • We write and think about numbers in terms of ones, tens, ten-tens (hundreds), ten-hundreds (thousands), and so on.
For example, when we say the number 273 out loud, we say:
two hundred, seventy, three
That is literally two hundreds and seven tens and three ones. (The “ty,” in English, is short for ten.)
  • The individual symbols in a big number are called “digits.” We call our fingers and thumbs “digits” too. This is not a coincidence!
  • Some cultures based the writing of their numbers on twenty rather than ten. They were likely thinking fingers AND toes!

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